Pendragon on the Humber

513 AD

Lot's End

Summary of the year 513 AD

Arthur’s Court is held at Leicester

News At Court
People have accepted Arthur as the true Pendragon.
People blame Merlin for the deaths of infants in the North.
The King is troubled with nightmares.
Actions of Court
The North is to be invaded, No tribute is to be paid.

Events of the Year
Battle of Terrabil
The Morning -King Ryons is Captured before the battle, Sir Nero his brother leads the army as Lot is bewitched.
The Afternoon – King Lot breaks free of Marlin’s spell and leads his army into battle,
In the fighting King Pellinore fights with Lot, Lot is defeated and killed.
Victor: Arthur. Decisive
Arthur orders a magnificent tomb erected to
cover the graves of the twelve enemy kings slain
here. He takes his remaining army and marches
northward, seizing the possessions and lands of all
who opposed him. Norgales falls, as does Lothian.
Arthur seizes the lands of the dead kings, and their
strong points occupied by his army.

513 Events



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