Pendragon on the Humber

512 AD

Lots of stuff about Swords.

Summary of the year 512 AD

Arthur’s court is held at Silchester.
Special Guests – Sir Lanceor

News At Court
the Romans have demanded the British to swear fealty to the Empire, and pay tribute.
Queen Margawse of Lothian is pregnant.
There will be war in the north – Lot has lost many of his allies though.
Actions of Court
No tribute is to be given, not to the Saxons, Not to Lothian, and certainly not to Rome.

Events of the Year
Arthur Embarks on a year long pilgrimage, many join him.
Late February Queen Ygraine is revealed to be alive, it is revealed that a man (Uther) pretending to to be her husband impregnated her, the child is revealed to be Arthur – This legitimises Arthur as the Pendragon.
Arthur and his mother pray at St Albans.
Early Spring A Man is fighting knights on a bridge, this has lead to the death of a few Knights, a young squire named Griflet wants to avenge his Master, himself and the Knights of the Drunken Wyvern take up the challenge. the Knight is revealed to be King Pellinore!
Arthur himself takes up the challenge when his knights fail, but is defeated, and his sword shattered.
Merlin and the Knights return to the lady of the lake to claim a new sword for Arthur.
Late Spring A Strange damsel arrives at court with a challenge, to see if they can take the sword from her belt, all fail.
A strange knight takes the challenge, he is Sir Balin, He succeeds but refuses to give the sword back and declares himself ‘The Knight With Two Swords’ and leaves.
The Lady of the Lake arrives at court, and demands the heads of Sir Balin and the Damsel, Arthur refuses… Sir Balin returns and beheads the lady of the lake – Breaking hospitality.
Arthur declares Sir Balin’s life Forfeit.
Sir Lanceor goes after Sir Balin, he is followed by his lover – Lanceor loses the following duel, and his lover kills herself. The Tomb of the Lovers is erected in their memory.
Early Summer In mid-May, Merlin and Lady Nineve visit the
kings of the north, spreading tales that on this May
Day just past a famous boy was born. They hold all
the royal families within the glamour of their prophecies,
and when they depart the magical pair take
many newborn boys with them.
Mid-Summer Arthur takes the war to the northlands. He invades
Malahaut, whose king has gathered a few allies.
Battle of Bassus River
The River Bassus is the river in southwest Malahaut,
on which sits Castleford. The battle is fought
on a low hill, upon which the Malahaut army awaits
Arthur’s troops.
King Pellinore, in a thunderous
crash, kills the Centurion King with his lance
King Nentres of Garloth, allied with
the Centurion King, is also killed.
the Brown Knight of the Wilds defeats Galegantis
and takes the unconscious prince prisoner. – Who he releases without ransom.
Victor: King Arthur. Decisive Victory.
Arthur gives fair terms to the heir of the Centurion
King, whose name is Barant de Apres. However,
he takes parts of Malahaut, and the whole of Garloth,
for his own.
Cambria Raided While Arthur was campaigning in Cumbria,
King Lot and King Ryons led an army to plunder
many unprotected Cambrian lands: Cameliard, Lambor,
Wuerensis, and Escavalon.
Late Summer
King Lot returns home to two disasters: first,
news of the defeat of Malahaut at the Bassus River;
second, news that his new baby son was taken away,
and the sons of many of his best men. – Rumours persist that these children were placed on a ship, which sank while crossing the channel.

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