Pendragon on the Humber

514 AD

The Wedding of Arthur and Guenivere & The Legend of Sir Gwyn

Summary of the year 512 AD

Arthur’s Court is held at Carlion, but will be moved to a place called ‘Camelot’
Special Guests King Pellinore, The sons of Lot, and Envoys from King Leodegrance, whose servants
quickly let it be known what is going on: Their lords
have come to discuss the marriage of King Arthur
and Lady Guenever, daughter (and only child) of
King Leodegrance of Cameliard.

News At Court
Britain is nearing unification,
Arthur is to be married,
King Lot had his own child and many others killed and blamed Merlin,
Actions of Court

Events of the Year
The Wedding
A long ceremony goes on as the royals and their
retinues attend Mass, then go through their wedding
vows. Shortly thereafter, everyone retires to
the Great Hall to give Arthur and Guenever gifts.
Around noon, the royal couple reciprocates and gives
everyone a gift to exhibit their largesse.
There is a spectacle involving a house a hart and a maiden, which goes wrong.

The Round Table is created and many knights are selected to be members.

The Birthday Hunt
The usual Knights meet The Earl of Twekesbury to herald the news of the wedding, and to witness the knighting of his son Rhun.
the Knights also meet his daughters Meraud and Alys, (Sir Richard is enamoured with Alys immediately)

To celebrate the Knighting of Rhun a hunt goes forth, but it goes awry when Rhun and the party members get lost in the realm of the Fae, luckily they rescue Rhun before his soul is taken by the fairies.
However, Sir Gwyn seems distracted in faerie, he seeks to gain his daughter back, he makes a deal with the lords of fae to defeat his Daughter’s ‘Shadow’ and win her back.

three days later he does so, and the shadow melts away before Gwyn,
But, there was another catch for the return of his first Child, to take something from Fae, he must leave something in Fae
Sir Gwyn leaves his Knighthood, his honour, and his Glory.

His name will become legend in less than 12 years.



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