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Kingdoms and Domains:
Benoic. A Pictish kingdom in the north.
Caercolun. A dukedom of eastern Britain. Norwich,
a large city, is the capital.
Cambenet. A dukedom of Cumbria in the northwest,
centered on the city of Carduel. The ruler is Eustance.
Cambria – Northwestern areas, often linked with Cumbria.
Cameliard. A kingdom bordering on Logres and
Cheshire. Carohaise is its capital, and the ruler is King
Cardigan. A small kingdom on the Gales coast,
dependent now upon Estregales.
Cheshire. A wealthy dukedom in northern Cambria,
centered on the City of Legions.
Cornwall (Kingdom). King Idres, a Breton king, currently
holds South Cornwall.
stern Britain. Exeter is the capital city,
and the ruler is Duke Gorlois.
Escavalon. A wealthy kingdom in
southern Cambria,
Estregales. The Kingdom of Cumbria, better known as gales, or wales.
Escoce. A Pictish kingdom in the
Estregales. A kingdom dominating
southern Gales, collecting tribute from
Cardigan, Escavalon, Gloucester, and nearby
hills tribes. The ruler is King Canan.
Forest Sauvage. A large mystical forest, the kingdom of faeries and magic.
Garloth. A kingdom of the north, on
the east coast. The ruler is King Nentres.
Gloucester. A dukedom of Cambria,
in the lands north of the mouth of the
Severn River. It includes Gloucester, a
large city.
Gomeret. A kingdom of northern
Gales including Isles, Norgales, Snodonia,
and nearby hill tribes. The ruler is King
Gorre. A wild, mountainous kingdom
of tribesmen in the southern mountains
of the north, nominally ruled by
King Uriens.
Isles, The. Rich farming islands off
the northwest corner of Gales, currently
part of Gomeret.
Kent. A Saxon kingdom in southeast
Britain. The king is old Hengest, who
brought the first settlers to Britain under
Vortigern years ago.
Lindsey. A dukedom of northern
Britain. Lincoln is the capital city.
[[Logres | Logres. The largest kingdom in Britain,
ruled by Arthur Pendragon. It includes many
counties, but the four dukes are the most important
and influential leaders.]]
Long Isles. South-western islands
and coastland lands of the north, currently
ruled by the ambitious Irish lord
Duke Galeholt.
Lothian. A kingdom dominating Cumbria
and the north. The ruler is King Lot.
Malahaut. A powerful kingdom of
Cambria. Its largest city is Eburacum, its
ruler Heraut de Aprés.
Nohaut. A Saxon kingdom on the
east coast of northern Cumbria. The king
is Octa.
Norgales. A region of northern
Gales, currently independent. The ruler
is King Ryons.
Out Isles. Savage, wild islands occupied
by the reputedly cannibalistic
Atecotti tribe
Pictish Wilderness. Mountainous regions sparsely
populated by wild Pictish tribes.
Powys. A land of wild hill tribes in central Gales.
Rheged. A kingdom of mountainous central north
Roestoc. A small kingdom of southern Cambria,
once a county of Lindsey.
Salisbury. A county of central Logres. Sarum is
the capital city, ruled by Count Robert.
Silchester. A dukedom of central Britain ruled by
Duke Ulfius. London is the largest and most important
city there, but Silchester is the capital.
Strangorre. A small kingdom in the north-west,
centered on the fortified city of Alclud.
Sussex. A Saxon kingdom in southeast Britain.
The king is Ælle, who brought his settlers to Britain
years ago.
Wessex. A Saxon kingdom in eastern Britain, ruled by Cerdic.

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