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  • Lot, King of Lothian

    King Lot is a wily lord with many skills. Dangerous in combat, he has won many battles in the north. He has the loyalty, or at least the obedience, of all the northern kings, as well as the fealty of many of the wild Pictish tribes of the Highlands. …

  • King Lak of Estregales

    Youngest son of King Canan I of Estregales, Lak assumed the kingship after his brother Canan II was killed in fighting against Nanteleod of Escavalon. He has proven a much more capable king than his brother.

  • King Alain de Carlion

    Alain de Carlion is the bastard son of [[:nanteleod-king-of-escavalon-1 | King Nanteleod]], and was designated heir to the throne of [[Cambria | Escavalon]] shortly before his father’s death at[[508 AD | Netley Marsh]]. Although brave and capable like …