Pendragon on the Humber

511 AD

Much Ado About Raiding

Arthur’s court is held at Carlion.
Special Guests
Merlin the Magician
Dubricus, Archbishop of Britain
Lak, King of Estregales
Hervis de Revels
Ulfius, Duke of Silchester
Brastias, knight banneret of Cornwall
Ector, Arthur’s foster father
Kay, Arthur’s foster brother
Queen Margawse of Lothian

News At Court
Saxons fought against Lothian last year,
Arthur , Ulfius, Brastias, and Lak lay out the principles of Knighthood/Chivalry,
Queen Margawse of Lothian (Eldest daughter of Queen Ygraine) visits the court with her Three sons: Gawaine, Agravaine, and Gaheris. – Gawaine had an honourable duel with Sir Gwyn – Margawse is seen flirting with Arthur.
Actions Of Court
No Tribute is to be paid, Raids are to be done into Saxon Territories

Events Of the Year
Army Activities
Arthur’s army repairs the walls of St. Albans and
helps direct the building of many castles throughout Logres.
The Knights of the Drunken Wyvern join General Hervis in raiding Kent, but refuse to pillage villages and kill peasants, this leads to an altercation between Gwyn and Hervis, nearly leading to blows.
Late Summer Court
Queen Margawse and her sons depart Arthur’s
court and journey back to Lothian. Over the winter,
it becomes apparent that the queen is pregnant
Christmas Court
The Brown Knight of the Wilds arrives at court,
Over the Winter
Sir Gwyn’s Squire Septimus (Younger brother of Sir Sextus de Numerous) impregnated the female squire, Guinet, of Sir Nasverna (She also happens to be the daughter of Sir Richard and Lady Nasamh
A Hasty wedding is put together at Cinder, and the two are married and the child legitimised.



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