Pendragon on the Humber

510 AD

The Sword In The Stone

Summary of the year 510 AD

Court was held in Sarum.
Grand Court was held in London.

News At Court
Everyone is going to London for the Grand Tournament, to decide who shall be High King of Britain.
Actions of Court
No Tribute is to be paid.

Events of the Year
New Years Day
A convocation of British lords and
church officials has called for a “tournament” to be
held in London. The winner is to be declared High
King. Be sure to provide some description of the other
events the player knights might witness, such as
the animal fights and the market.
This tournament is the first to be held in Britain.
Although King Lot comes close to winning, The tournament is never finished.
The melee is interrupted by the crowd shouting,
“The Sword! The Sword!” and everyone dashes away,
abandoning the fight, to see what is going on.

Many people witness a young boy, a squire, pull the sword from the stone. Arthur.
King Lot grows angry and refuses to accept this, some lords agree with him, other lords swear fealty to Arthur immediatly.
Merlin and Bishop Dubricus then choose the ten best
and most honorable knights present to set a continual
watch over the sword and the stone until Candlemas.
Each ofthose ten then chooses ten more knights to stand
guard with them.

February 2, Candlemas
Arthur draws the sword before another assembly.
Many knights and noblemen now accept the
witness of their own eyes and pledge loyalty to the
Boy King. These are named the “Eager Vassals,” – The Eager Vassals include [[:earl-robert-of-salisbury-2 | young Earl Robert of
Salisbury]]; Ulfius, Duke of Silchester; Duke Corneus of
Lindsey; Bishop Baudwin of Britain; the Earl of Hertford;
the Earl of Dorset; many lesser lords and bannerets;
the mercenary Lord Cador of Cornwall

March 21, Easter
Arthur draws the sword before a third assembly.
This time, more of the rest of the Logres noblemen
pledge their loyalty. They are called the “Good Vassals,” – The Good Vassals include the Duke of Clarence; the Earl of Jagent; and the Earl of Wuerensis.
King Lot has called the dissident kings to meet
in his northern stronghold to discuss their options.

May 1, Pentecost
Arthur draws the sword before a fourth assembly. With much support from the general public.
The coronation is magnificent. First, King Arthur is knighted. At St. Paul’s Cathedral, Arthur is crowned King of Logres. During this ceremony, the last of the recalcitrant
Logres nobles grudgingly pay homage to King Arthur:
These are the “Reluctant Vassals,” – The Reluctant Vassals include every other lord of Logres.

May 10
At Carlion-on-Usk, the Supreme Collegium is summoned
to elect the new High King, those present are universally in favor of King
Arthur. Thus King Arthur is elected to be Imperator
and Caesar of Britannia, and Wledig (or Chief Warlord)
over the British Tribes. He takes the arms of the High
King at this time: a red shield with seven gold crowns.
Many of the lesser kings come, including
especially King Lak of Estregales and King Alain
of Escavalon, they swear fealty to the high king.

King Lot and his Army arrive, Arthur sends messengers bearing gifts to his foes,
King Lot then pisses on Sir Gwyn’s Shoes as a rejection.
Battle of Carlion
Arthur’s army of 1,500 is outnumbered roughly
two-to-one by Lot’s army.
Arthur draws Excalibur, Sword of Victory,
and its flash of magical power blinds nearby foes and awes
the rest of the enemy. Arthur’s commanders are all inspired.
Victor: King Arthur. Indecisive Victory

Mid-May: Carlion Grand Council
The court advises Arthur to
send to the continent for help from Kings Ban and
Bors. Arthur sends Brastias and Ulfius.

Early July
Battle of Bedegraine
The battle takes place over two days, on the second day Ban and Bors reinforce the British troupes.
Victor: Arthur. Indecisive.

it was in this battle that Sir Richard fell. This caused his wife to retire her career as the first lady knight.

The next day, Merlin tells King Arthur where a
great treasure is buried, and sends a small party of men
to recover it. They find a huge cache of Roman silver. All honest knights gain a lot of money.

After the Battle of Bedegraine, the army disperses
to the nearby countryside to rest at manors,
castles, and towns. Arthur, along with many of his
men stays at Bedegraine Castle, the seat of the earl.
The earl’s daughter, Lyzianor, is young and of marriageable
age, but she only has eyes for Arthur.

Sir Sextus and Sir Errol defend the lands of Salisbury, and deal with the disputes of three knights, The Knight of the Wolf, the Knight of the Moon, and The Knight of the Ivory Tower.

Late August
While resting, King Arthur hears that King Ryons
of Norgales is besieging King Leodegrance of Cameliard.
He remembers that Leodegrance supported him the first
time he drew the sword, so he resolves to go to his aid.
Battle of Carohaise
Carohaise is in Cameliard, on the trade road between
Lambor and the City of Legions.
Victor: King Arthur. Indecisive Victory.

War in Garloth
The lands of Arthur’s northern enemies are
raided by Saxons. These raids result in the Battle of
Wandesboro, which King Lot wins, but at the cost of
many good men.




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