Pendragon on the Humber

509 AD

Earl Robert Comes of Age

Summary of The Year 509 AD

Court was held in Sarum
Special Guests Prince Cynric, son of King Cerdic of Wessex, demanding vassalage or
triple tribute
Prince Mark
Sir Brastias

News At Court
Earl Robert is to be Knighted
Sir Brastias brings news of a Tournament in London next year, to decide who is the be High King.
Actions of Court
Triple Tribute is to be paid to the Saxons – Robert diverts money from his own Knighting to help pay for this.

Events of the Year

Earl Robert is Knighted
Young Robert of Salisbury undergoes knighting
ceremonies. He has asked to be knighted by the “best
knight in Salisbury.”
A Small competition of arms between knights is held to decide who should knight Robert, in the end Sir Errol is the victor.
The knighting is otherwise ordinarily eventful.
The investiture to the earl’s seat is incomplete, of
course, since the king must actually invest Robert with
the office. Of course, there is no king at present. The
countess passes on her power as if with the king’s command,
and the knights swear fealty to the young knight
as if he were the real earl.
The new earl then rides through his whole territory,
to see and to be seen.



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