Pendragon on the Humber

508 AD

Battle of Netley Marsh

Summary of the Year 508 AD

Court was held in Sarum.
Special Guests – King Nanteleod and his retinue.

News At Court
All Salisbury and Rydychan knights muster for the grand Cymric Army, to defeat Cerdic once and for all.
Nanteleod’s Army is greater than Cerdic’s.
Actions of Court
No tribute is to be paid, an alliance with Nanteleod has been declared, and Knights will be sent with Nanteleod to fight the Saxons.

Events of the Year

Battle of Netley Marsh – King Cerdic marches north and waits near the
decrepit city of Winchester. King Nanteleod marches
south with his army to Salisbury. Other forces join, and
they march south in good order. King Nanteleod gives his deployment orders, and
his army maneuvers for position. As they approach final
position, a huge army of Saxons unexpectedly joins
King Cerdic – King Ælle of Sussex, and a small group of Cornishmen led by Prince Mark.
Victor: King Cerdic – a band of mounted Saxons (!) led by
Prince Cynric bursts from cover and attacks King Nanteleod
and his guards. Nanteleod is Killed. King Aethelswith of the Angles
is also killed.
Ill Tidings
All of Hampshire is overrun by the Saxons, who
enslave all the residents and oust them from many villages.
Many families of the continental mercenaries
start to move into the villages.
Salisbury, Rydychan and Silchester are pillaged
In Ganis, a Child
More distantly, in the rich lands of Ganis, a male
son is born to the king’s wife. The baby is named Lancelot.

Christmas Court
Duke Corneus of Lindsey has also died.
Young Robert, the countess’ son, is a young man
now and tired of being a squire; he demands that he
be knighted so that he, a man, can take control of his
inheritance and save it in this time of need. he wishes to be knighted by the ‘Best Knight in Salisbury’



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