Pendragon on the Humber

507 AD

The Liberation of London

Summary of the year 507 AD.

Court was held in Oxford.
Special Guests – Prince Mark,
Prince Alain de Carlion,
A Young Woman named Teresa, requesting to be Knighted.

News at Court
All the Queen‘s daughters are married to Northern kings, and are ’safe’ in Lothian.
The King of Wessex and Chief Port have made an alliance.
King Nanteleod’s army is gathering in Cirencester to fight the Cornish.
Duke Corneus of Lindsey, with a hefty number of Anglish mercenaries, is marching on an unreleased location, as is requesting good knights.
The countess is entertaining secret offers from both visiting princes. But King Idres offended her in some way, and she is going to go with Nanteleod. She makes this matter public after Prince Mark has departed.
Actions of Court
Knights to be sent with Nanteleod to fight the Cornish, and others to be sent with Duke Corneus.

Events of the Year
Sir Richard and Lady Nasamh get information about their missing son from their Cornish prisoners, but do not disclose how. they know they must venture into the forest at some point.
London Liberated -
Duke Corneus of Lindsey besieges London, whose
citizens rise in rebellion against their Saxon occupiers. A
fierce battle ensues, and London is liberated as the Saxon
defenders flee across London Bridge.
The duke moves into the White Tower, the former
royal castle.
Somerset Liberated
King Nanteleod secretly marches from Cirencester
to Mildenhall, then south to Sarum, then west through
Selwood to Wells to meet the army of the King of Somerset,
who had been hiding in the marsh. They besiege
the castles and cities of Somerset and gain them all back
again, but King Idres refuses to be drawn into battle.

Saxons raid Salisbury and Rydychan.

War in North
More distantly, the Centurion King (Malahaut)
had a lot of fighting on his hands when King Lot led
his Picts and Cymri to invade Cumbria. However, there
was no large battle.

Sir Tobias the younger, the eldest Son of Sir Tobias, is Knighted.
His friends affectionately refer to him as ‘Tobi’




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