Pendragon on the Humber

506 AD

The Search For Tobias

Summary of the year 506 AD.

Court was held at Oxford.
Special Guests -
Prince Mark, representing his father King Idres of
Prince Alain, and his retinue, representing his father King Nanteleod.
(Note: Sir Alain de Carlion has appeared a number of
times previously, but he was known as a vassal of Nanteleod,
not his son. King Nanteleod recently acknowledged
Alain as his son and proclaimed him his heir.)

News At Court
Rumours persist about Madoc’s fae son.
Aescwine is now the new king of the Angles. no tribute gatherers were sent out this year.
The two Cymric princes visiting Salisbury are not
friendly to one another.
They had in a chess challenge
(which Mark won) and an oration contest (which Alain
won). – A fight eventually broke out, and they had to be separated.
King Nanteleod has been contacting the members
of the Collegium to convince them to convene and
elect him High King.
Actions of Court
No tribute is to be paid this year, Rydychan and Salisbury maintain a strong friendship with Escavalon.

Events of the year
War in Cornwall -
Nanteleod attacks King Idres of Cornwall. Their
armies maneuver around in Somerset, but never engage.
The King of Somerset emerges with his knights to help
Nanteleod. Many castles surrender to their king, but others
are already stocked with Cornishmen.
The entire year is indecisive militarily.
The mishmash of Knights that make up the group, ambush a small group of Cornish raiders in order to learn more about the kidnapping of Nasamh and Richard’s son Tobias. (No, not THAT TOBIAS)
They take a Cornish Knight named Myghal and another raider hostage.

Countess Ellen expresses her disdain at the war in Cornwall.



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