Pendragon on the Humber

505 AD

A Good King Goes To War

Summary of the year 505 AD

Court was held at Sarum.
Special Guests – Prince Cynric, Sir Lak and Sir Alain (and his Hedge Knight:Sir Sextus) for King Nanteleod, Alfieri – an Italian nobleman.

News at Court
Rumours that the Saxons have living corpses in their army.
Prince Cynric threatens an invasion of Salisbury by the Saxons.
Nanteleod will fight the Saxons and defend Salisbury, with the aid of the knights of Rydychan and Salisbury.
King Idres continues fighting in Somerset.
Actions of Court
No tribute is to be paid, no alliances are to be paid, and Salisbury and Rydychan will not submit to the Saxons.

Events of the Year
Somerset Fighting – King Idres invades Somerset with a large army, takes both Bath and Bristol. The begin raiding Salisbury lands.

Over the summer – War Against the Saxons: King Cerdic marches north against Salisbury, They lay siege to Sarum. The Midland Knights join Nanteleods army and breaks the siege at Sarum. Battle of Levcomagus: Victor: Nanteleod. The Saxons took some losses, but slipped away as soon as possible. Nanteleod’s army joins with Ulfius’ Host. Battle of Royston (Hertford): Victor: Indecisive. The Saxons armies all go home to lick their wounds. The wounded from Nanteleod’s army are sent home, but he retreats to Beale Valet and waits.
After a while he is joined by Duke Corneus of Lindsey. Many knights choose to go home. instead of staying longer than intended.
Battle of Hertford: Victor: Decisive Victory – Nanteleod. King Aethelswith is killed and the Angles are decisively defeated.



ERROL GOT MARRIED!! =D Alas no children of yet. :(

505 AD

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